Why iLiveAccountable


“We are creating a network of people committed to the idea that we are all more powerful than we believe and supporting ourselves and each other therein.”

The Quest

When Tony and Michael set out on this journey a few years ago, they knew that they wanted to create an online coaching and training series that would be transformational and would reach people all over the world. Once they settled on a format that seemed to work the next question was, what would be the most effective way to get our message to the masses? They looked at many different avenues available. What was clear is that whatever the chosen avenue, it was going to require a lot of resources, and it was unclear which one, if any, would work.

The Vision

What they did know is that they had a powerful, effective training and coaching program. They also knew those who participated would have a natural desire to share. And that seemed to be the answer! Combine the idea of paying someone to market iLiveAccountable, along with peoples natural desire to share its message. iLiveAccountable transitioned from a training and coaching company, to a training and coaching company that rewards it’s participants who are willing to inspire others and share the message!