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Coaches Certification Training

Coaches Certification Weekend

Hitting the Wall

Training Dates:

January 27th-28th, 2016

iLiveAccountable Coaches Certification Trainings are a series of four challenging weekends held throughout the year. Each one pushing against beliefs and limitations to the point of dig deeper or quit. If you’ve ever felt that you are meant to make a greater difference. If you feel you’re here to be a greater cause of shift and inspiration in the world, then this is where you and others can know that you’ve been to the wall and back. That you’ve challenged yourself beyond your beliefs, beyond what you think is possible, that you rose to challenge of any obstacles, and that you now know how to challenge others to do the same.

The I Live Accountable Coaches Trainings are the elite of Life Coaching trainings. Our coaches trainings prepare you to challenge others in real life, deeply moving coaching sessions because you will go through some of the deepest, most challenging processes yourself, in preparation to challenge others to dig deeper inside of themselves. YOU will be challenged to look deeper, move through limiting beliefs and examine at a much more significant level your life, your experiences and your beliefs, like never before!!!

Life coaching is not about a script or program. It is about people. People are not scripted. In the I Live Accountable Coaches Trainings you will be challenged to learn to trust yourself at new levels, risk like never before and create results that you may have only dreamed of. In other words, you will be challenged to greater degrees to assist you to know from experience what you are challenging your clients to experience. You will experience yourself in ways you never could or would from a script or book or program! And it is the perfect preparation for you to learn to be a certified I Live Accountable Life Coach!

Not everyone who begins the program will complete it…it is that challenging! Not everyone who begins the program will be guaranteed a certification. That is up to you. But you can come back again and again until you get your certification. And our commitment to you is that when you are certified, everyone will know you are among the elite of life coaches!

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