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Want to know a secret? A secret that can change your life in an instant?

What if you could change your life right now, in this moment, without a pill, regardless of the balance in your bank account, and without the world around you changing?

The secret is, you CAN shift your life right now, in this moment, without doing anything different! You don’t have to win the lottery….nobody around you is required to change a thing…..and you don’t even have to move! Because the shift has nothing to do with what you do, although once you make the shift you likely will do life differently.

The secret, the key, the answer is “being accountable”! Yes, being accountable! For many, the idea of accountability comes with a sense of blame, fault finding and punishment. That is because the concept of accountability has been misused.

In reality, accountability has NOTHING to do with blaming anyone, finding fault with anyone, including yourself AND,the only person you can actually “hold accountable” is yourself!!

When accountability is misapplied as is common, typically the only thing that gets fixed is the blame and punishment. Basically, the idea of accountability has really been used to create an environment of fear and even stagnation.

Accountability IS about power, freedom and taking ownership of one’s life. Power in the choices we make, the freedom to follow one’s passions and purpose, and owning the results knowing that each of us has the power to create our life any way we choose.

And the good news is, it doesn’t come from a pill, a book or a drink….it comes from within you!!”

Upcoming Events

The Experience Part 1

Event Dates: Aug 22 – 25th, 2017

The Experience is our core training. It is for those who feel there is more for them in life and they are ready to go for it NOW!


The Experience Part 2

Event Dates: Auguest 9th – 11th, 2017

The Experience Part 2 is all about tuning to that greater part of us that is driven by passion, inspired by purpose, and connected to cause.


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You are more powerful than you believe! No matter who you are, what you have accomplished or how much you think you already know! There is more for you!

Clients Results

Before my training, I had low self esteem. I didn't believe that I could achieve anything. I lived in smallness and never really reached for anything. And then I learned how to be accountable for myself and my choices and my decisions and how they impact my surroundings I learned to love myself and those who are around me expecting nothing in return. Now I am happy, I am happiest I've ever been. Because of this training, I was able to walk out in the world open, full of love, full of life and walk into a career.- Tiffany Chambers
I had a successful career but I was out of a job. Before my training I was in my forties, I was alone and when I imagined my future, it wasn't very pretty. After my training I was able to turn my life around. I am more successful in my career than I have ever been. I got married, have two kids and am enjoying a great family life. We do create our lives.- Mick Martin
Before my training my life was working, but I believed that life happened to me and the only thing I could do was control how I reacted to it. What I've learned is that I am the creator of my world and I have the power to create miracles. I have the abundant life I desire and look forward to what's next.- Tony Beatty


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